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One on One Coaching

On zoom or in person at my clinic in Creston, BC, Canada

What does one on one coaching involve?

  • I am committed to an individualized process that works for you.

  • I begin with hearing your story, your challenges and hopes. I look at your breathing, standing, sitting, daily activities and work, and where you hold tension.

  • I share information, resources, and insights about your specific challenge. Bladder, prolapse, posture, core, breathing, prevention…etc.

  • As your coach I choose techniques specific to your challenges and your body. Breathing, noticing habits, adjusting posture are the beginning.

  • You learn at your own pace, the breath, the poses, and movements and small changes you can make throughout your day. If the apnea/false breath is appropriate for you - you learn that too.

  • There are handouts and reminders and practice suggestions.. Start to develop a individualized home practice.

  • For an online appointment you will receive a zoom link and will need a device like a lap top or tablet with a camera.

  • In person the clinic is at #10 223-16th Ave N, Creston, BC, Canada.

  • When you book your appointment- you will receive info on how to prepare. You wear comfy clothes and are supported every step of the way.

I invite you to join the many other women who have changed the way they feel, move, and live. Four appointments (ideally one per week) gives you a really good start. Hypopressives are part of the Thrive tool box and are not for everyone. Most people can benefit from the breathing, postural work and relaxation- it is only the apnea/false breath that is of concern. If any of the following apply to you Pregnant, COPD, Hypertension, Transplant, Crohns, IBS, Ehlers Danlos please read more here. For a zoom appointment you will be moving your camera around and there will be lots of verbal cues and demos by me to show you what I want you to do. It works!

individualized - fits into your life - comfy clothes


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