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Progress Needs Consistency.

I recently sent out a newsletter with the title "Don't Take the Summer Off?"

Why not? What are you up to this summer?

You work hard all year and then you tell yourself summer is the time to be:

  • less scheduled

  • work more

  • garden more

  • have visitors

  • more family time

  • kids are home

You can maintain your particular progress with some short simple practice. Then when you start appointments or clinic visits again it won't be so hard and you can move forward rather than try to regain where you were.

This is why I started the practice video library. There's something for everyone who knows how to do the hypopressive breath and the apnea (or you can skip the apnea).

Videos in 5 categories:

10min or less- 18 videos- (Levels 1-3)

Level 1: 23 videos (10-30 min)

Level 2: 32 videos (10-30 min)

Level 3: 7 videos (10-30 min)

Learning Library - 17 videos (reminders and beginner practices)

There's always some fun involved and you'll feel better for the commitment to yourself.

There's a free 7 day trial and you can cancel anytime. After that it $40/ month. Let me know if you want to pay by e-transfer or need help signing up.


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