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Apnea is not for everyone.

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Hypopressives are part of the Thrive tool box and are not for everyone. Most people can benefit from the breathing, postural work and relaxation- it is only the apnea/false breath that is of concern. If any of the following apply to you Pregnant, COPD, Hypertension, Transplant, Crohns, IBS, Ehlers Danlos please read more here.

The apnea breath (false breath) in Hypopressives is contraindicated if you:

  • Are pregnant - the movement in and up of the visceral organs would squish baby so although the lateral breath and poses are great for strength and creating space whilst pregnant the apnea breath should NOT be undertaken.

  • Transplant surgery - if you have ever had an organ transplant or a valve replacement then you should NOT do the apnoea breath - this is because we decrease pressure in the pelvic area but we increase it in the thoracic aspect of the body - any part that has been mended or transplanted will by its nature be weaker and we do not want any stress placed in it. You can do the lateral breaths and the poses but NO apnea breath.

  • Crohn’s or IBS - during a flare when the colon and tummy are not feeling great avoid doing the apnea breath there is a definite chance of irritating it further

  • Ehlers Danlos - vascular- if you are very hyper mobile - you should definitely check with a specialist to make sure that you do not have vascular EDS - if you do you cannot do the apnoea breath - this is because the connections between veins and arteries may be super tight or super stretchy and the increase in pressure has the potential to harm you. You can do the lateral breath and the poses. But NO apnea.

  • High Blood Pressure/Hypertension- if you are hypertensive and are on medication and get regular check ups from your doctor then once you have the all clear in writing from your doctor you can do the apnea breath. If you have hypertension and are currently starting treatment or haven’t yet, then you can do the lateral breath work - which will really help you - but you cannot do the apnea breath.

  • COPD - you cannot do the apnea (it is a marginal hypoxic breath and you don’t want less CO2 you want more! - but the lateral slow breathing and the poses could be very beneficial.

If you have questions or concerns please get in touch.

Carmen is showing her belly while doing an apnea or false breath.  Her ribs are showing and her abs are sucked up under them.
Carmen doing an apnea (false breath)


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