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get back your freedom, strength and independence

These are some of the issues we hear from clients. 

" This is the third gas station bathroom today in only a 2 hour trip". 

"I can't travel, I have to find a bathroom too often" 

"I used to hike and ski and be so active and capable. Now I can barely get my driveway shovelled"

"This bulging in my vagina is getting worse and I have no idea what to do about it"

" I saw myself in the mirror and can't believe how bent over I have become" 

"I am only 45 and already I have to buy Poise pads for bladder leakage"

" My low back pain is constant and nothing seems to help" 

"Every time I try exercising I either pee my pants or hurt my back."
"When did I get so weak?"


If these issues sound familiar, know that these are common, but not normal.

Meet the Thrive Team

About the Clinic

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Located in the beautiful town of Creston, BC, Canada

#10 223-16th Ave N

We have a small, open space for one on one coaching, and small classes.

This is also where we hold our zoom sessions- so you can access our help from where you live.

Time zone!  Yikes!  Creston doesn't change time, but all around us does. 

The times in the booking system are in Mountain Standard Time. 

If this hurts your brain just shoot us an email and we'll help you figure it out.    

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