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What is the pelvic floor and core?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

The pelvic floor and core form the foundation of our body. It houses our energy and influences all of our daily activities. The Pelvic Floor begins with the bony parts of the pelvis. Hips, back, sitz bones, pubic bone. Then the layer of muscles around the outside of those bones, hip flexors, abdominals, bum and back. The pelvic floor is layers of muscles at the bottom of the pelvis. In its basic form these muscles attach to the sitz bones on either side, the pubic bone in front and the tail bone at the back. This “sling” of muscles holds our abdominal organs in and up, are a platform for the vulva and pubic hair. They also manage what goes in and out- pee, poop, sex, birth. When the pelvic floor is off balance everything on top of it is off balance too, breath, posture, back, neck. And everything below is affected as well- groin, legs, hips knees, feet. The pelvic floor plays an essential part in every breath we take.

bony parts of the pelvic girdle with labels

Bones of the Pelvis

image of the pelvis from above showing the inner layers of muscles

I love the image below as it show how integrated our pelvic floor muscles are with our hips!

image of the pelvis and hips from below and behind showing the layers of muscles of the pelvic floor and how they connect to the hips

The Core is what holds the rest of the body to the pelvis. Layers of abdominals and back muscles, fascia and connective tissue. But, we often focus on that six pack of abs rather than the small hard working deep core muscles that hold everything together.

image of the spine and pelvis showing the small muscles along the spine

image of a human torso showing the 4 layers of abdominal muscles

image of a human torso showing the muscles of the core, ribs and pelvis.

The pelvic floor and deep core are really amazing. They can handle a lot, until it gets pushed too far (sound familiar) and everything starts to fall apart. This program gets your pelvic floor, diaphram and core working togther from the inside out for strength, balance, posture and all systems functioning well.


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