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Breaking Trail.

If you've spent anytime outside in Canada in the winter you've had to break trail when it snows. First one down the sidewalk. Shovelling the driveway. Skiing or snowshoeing on new snow. Shovelling the outdoor rink. Clearing off your car. It's so much easier if someone who knew what they were doing went first- broke the trail.

Solving a problem, getting healthier, feeling better, getting stronger; can be overwhelming and hard. It's uphill, you don't know where to go or what to do next.

But I do!

Wintery shovelled path.

I've broken the trail. I know where we're headed and where the icy patches are. I am following along with you- cheering, guiding, suggesting. Don't worry- you still have to do the work but it will be a wee bit easier with me coaching.

Trails to take:

Help with incontinence.

Help with prolapse.

Help with balance and core strength.

Help with breathing and calming your nervous system.

Help with back pain.

Injury prevention.

Prepping for more exercise.

Post -baby recovery.

Some of these trails intersect or overlap but we'll figure it out together and move you toward feeling how you want to feel.


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