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Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Prolapse: common- but can be reduced or slowed. When a woman is diagnosed with a prolapse it can be devastating or puzzling or somewhere in between.

“This bulging in my vagina is getting worse!”

"I feel like I have to give up my fitness program."

"I feel like I never fully empty my bowel."

Cystocele- when your bladder falls and makes a bulge in the wall of the vagina.

Ureterocele- when your uterus is falling and bulging into the wall of the vagina.

Rectocele- when your rectum is bulging into the wall of the vagina.

4 photos showing female pelvic anatomy from the side.  One shows normal, one shows the bladder pushing into the vagina, the third shows the uterus falling into the vagina and the fourth shows the rectum with a small bulge into the vagina.

Many women experience some kind of prolapse after childbirth- it often resolves by itself. It can also get worse during peri-or post menopause. Caught early it can usually be reduced. We work with you to identify habits that create pressure down on the pelvic floor. Then we work together through breath and movement to manage that pressure better, have the pelvic floor be more flexible and strong, have your core support you from the inside out. The prolapse can reduce and lift and you get back to doing what you love to do. This program is not a "cure" but it can help with management of symptoms and prevent prolapse from progressing.

A middle aged white woman wearing a backpack and a mauve sweatshirt is lifting her face to the sun.  The background is fall leaves and golden grass.


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