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Posture- sitting, standing, walking.

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

“I saw myself in the mirror and can’t believe how curved over I am!”

“My low back pain is constant, and nothing seems to help.”

"I have a hump at the back of my neck!"

" I never know when my back is going to flare up and I have to cancel my plans."

Woman holding her back as if it hurts.

Modern life has many of us sitting, texting, driving, working on the computer. Our daily tasks, cleaning, cooking, gardening and hobbies often involve curving forward. It can be referred to as tech neck or dowager's hump. It's not about pulling your shoulders back and standing up straight.

Why do we care? Other than neck and back pain and poor appearance, poor posture limits breathing, circulation, digestion, and contributes to pelvic floor dysfuntion, altered walking, poor, balance and less restful sleep. Chronic back pain interferes with everything. With our postural muscles working together we feel stronger and happier too. This program works on retraining your postural muscles through breath and movement to hold us in the "correct" position.

a woman sitting on a mat on the beach with waves rolling in.  Her arms are open wide and she's smiling.


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