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Consistent practice = progress or maintenance

Commitment helps with consistent practice.

None of us are doing this just for fun. We all have our own reasons: prevention, healing, maintenance, healthy aging... For many of us support is key to maintaining our goals. Registering for a class provides, support, commitment, and you don't want to pay and not show up!

Classes at Thrive provide so much more:

  • It's powerful to breathe and move in sync with other people.

  • You get small corrections or details so you optimize your time and effort.

  • You get encouragement from me and others in the class.

  • You get inspired by new moves, your own changes or the progress of others.

Every class we cheer, laugh, empathize, work at our own level for that moment. We celebrate hypopressive wins like gardening without back pain, or tripping and not hurting yourself. Like sneezing and not peeing! Here are what some class members have to say:

" My body was so tired, but I feel better after class."

"I don't get nearly as much from doing hypo at home. I don't try as hard as I try in class."

"I can feel the difference in my practice when I go to class regularly."

Showing up can be the hardest part.

I help make the rest easier.


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