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Breathing affects everything

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Breathing happens 12 x /minute, 720 x /hour, 17, 280 x/day; 6.3 million breaths in just one year! Breathing affects everything in our bodies. Breathing is not just exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, but affects our nervous system which then affects pain, mood, immune system, balance, muscle tone, digestion, sleep, anxiety and stress, cardiac function, and mental functioning.

Woman in a sweatshirt and tights holding a water bottle looking at the waves on a lake or ocean.

The good news is that breathing is one of our essential functions that we can control with our brains. We can slow down or speed up, breath deeper or more shallow. Breathe into our chests, our bellies, our diaphrams. We can retrain our breathing. So.....if you can improve how you breathe even the tiniest bit- there will be a huge impact on your health. You may come for help with incontinence or prolapse and find yourself feeling so much better in many other areas.

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