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Bladder Issues

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Incontinence: This is an issue that is very common, sneaks up on us gradually and is embarrassing. We're told we should just put up with incontinence.

“It’s part of being a woman.”

“It’s the price we pay for having children.”

“Ah never mind you’re just getting old.”

We hear from our clients;

“This is the third yucky gas station bathroom today!”

“I can’t go on a trip- I have to find a bathroom too often.”

“I had to buy Poise pads!”

woman's hips with hands holding an unhappy face infront of her pelvis.

Incontinence is common but not normal. We can help.

Definition: unintended release of urine or feces.

There is urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence or both.

Three different kinds; You could experience one of these or a combination.

Urge Incontinence- you can’t hold it. Key in the door-oops.

Frequency- Peeing often- planning around the bathroom. Getting up to pee in the night more than once.

Stress Incontinence- leak when you sneeze, jump, cough, lift.

Often bladder issues relate directly back to the pelvic floor and a pelvic floor that is tight and weak. Of women who do kegels it has been found that up to 75% of them are doing them incorrectly. In this program we use your brain body connection to help retrain the bladder not to be so bossy. We also use breath and relaxation to get in touch with your pelvic floor and let your whole body relax and move. We then use breath and movement to help your pelvic floor be strong and flexible and lift the bladder.

"I am the boss of my bladder and no longer plan my day around the bathroom." CD

Three middle aged women hiking with walking sticks and a dog.


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