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Be Independent

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Stay Independent- shovel your driveway, haul firewood, shop for groceries, garden, walk safely, get up to pee in the night. Having a strong core helps to prevent falls, maintain your independence, stay in your own home. One in three women over 50 will have a fracture from weak bones. In women over 45 osteoporosis accounts for more days spent in hospital than many other diseases including diabetes, heart attacks and breast cancer. A strong core and pelvic floor helps to maintain activity which maintains bone health. A functional pelvic floor decreases incontinence which is the other leading cause of decreased quality of life and increases chances of going into care. You can do something about this. Strengthening the core and the pelvic floor gently from the inside out is effective and doesn't contribute to injury.

Surgery: If you are preparing for or recovering from surgery- hip, knee, back, foot, shoulder - working on your breathing and pelvic floor/core function can help reduce pain, improve movement and balance and recovery.

womans crouching down,  hands in gardening gloves planting lettuce

a woman carrying an arm load of firewood in the winter

A woman shovelling snow in the winter


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