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For purchase by qualified Hypopressives Trainers.

Use these cards in your practice- set up clients for sucessful practice at home.   They can also be for resale.   You can write on them in dry-erase marker for client specific reminders or cues. 


Price is for 5 decks includes shipping within Canada or the US.    Outside of Canada/US please email for shipping cost.  Prices are in Cdn dollars. 


Each deck contains: 25 cards plus instructions on how to use the cards for  clients to  plan their own routines.    

Light blue: Reminder cards- Hypopressive Breath, Breath Timing, Active Back and Apnea/False Breath Cues

Dark Blue: Standing Poses- Athena- low arms and mid arms, Hinge and Venus.

Green: Hands and Knees Poses:  Gaia, Sphinx, Maya and Kneeling/Aurora

Orange: Sitting/Hestia Poses: Cross Legs, Long Legs, Sitting on a stool.

Yellow: Supine Pose/Demeter- Low V, and Arm Positions 1, 2 and 3. Foot Lift.

Purple- Arm Variations: Low, Mid and High

Pink- Restorative Poses- Hips on the block, Legs up the Wall, Back over the bolster, Legs over the bolster.

Wholesale: 5 sets: Practice Card Set- Hypopressives Level 1

  • Practice decks are available to qualified hypopressive trainers for use with or sale to their clients.    Minimum order is 5 decks.  Please email Carmen for wholesale pricing and shipping outside of Canada/USA.

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