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Meet Amelia

Wellness for pelvic floor and core

no sweating - no workouts - no fancy pants

We need to move to be healthy
Pelvic floor and core issues can limit movement.
I can help re-train your pelvic floor and core.
You pick the goal.

Why Naturopathy


Bladder Issues

Are you leaking when you cough, jump, sneeze or lift? Making sure you use the bathroom, "just in case", and getting up in the middle of the night to pee? This is common, but not normal. We can help with incontinence, frequency and urge, and help you maintain the benefits of bladder repair/lift surgery. Read more here...


If you are feeling a heaviness in the pelvis, or bulging in the vagina, or that your pelvic organs feel "out of position", you may have a pelvic organ prolapse. We can help reduce prolapse, and also prevent it following a hysterectomy, mastectomy and/or cancer treatment. Read more here

Surgery Success

bladder lift, hysterectomy

Had a bladder lift and it seems to be failing?  Hysterectomy didn't solve everything?  Read more here...

Back/Hip Pain

Do you have curved shoulders, a neck hump, back "going out" all the time, tripping, falling, less confidence and less strength? We can help strengthen your back and improve your posture. Read more here....

Post-Baby Recovery 

Recover your core and pelvic floor strength.  Restore your posture and confidence. 
Read more here...
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Independence and Healthy Aging

We can help prepare you for, or help you recovery from hip, knee replacement or back surgery.  Changes to your posture, breathing and core strength are significant in successful rehabilitation from surgery. This therapy can also help preventing falls, maintaining your independence and stay in your own home. Read more here...

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Find out more about pelvic floor & core 

Post -babyPeri-menopause, Post-menopause and Healthy aging. 

individualized - fits into your life - comfy clothes

a drawing of a daisy with black lines and a yellow centre

One to One Coaching
On zoom or in person at our clinic in Creston, BC, Canada

What does one on one coaching involve?  

  • Individualized process that works for you. 

  • Your story, your challenges and hopes.  

  • Information on your specific challenge.  Bladder, prolapse, posture, core, breathing, peri-post menopause navigation, prevention…etc.

  • Techniques to suit your body. 

  • Your own pace

  • Handouts, reminders, and practice suggestions..  

  • Read all the details here: 


I invite you to join the many other women who have changed the way they feel, move, and live. 


photo of Carmen sitting cross legged in grass and daisies smiling wearing a striped shirt.


Pelvic Floor & Core Specialist, Hypopressive Coach

Carmen Ditzler, is the founder and head coach at Thrive and Kootenay Hypopressive. Carmen has a degree in Physical Education, Adapted Physical Activity and Outdoor/Environmental Education. She also holds a Masters in Environmental Education and Lifestyles.  

  She is a fully certified Hypopressives Trainer and combines hypopressives with tools from kinesiology and adapted physical activity. 

 " I began my practice over 2 years ago. In that time, my clients lives have been transformed".  

I coach with compassion, care and individual adaptation. Let me help you change your life!   Read more here...

a drawing of a daisy with black lines and a yellow centre

Appointments available on zoom or in person at my clinic in Creston, BC. Canada.  Daytime, evening and Saturday morning times.   (MST)
Click on the service image or title below for more info and to book.



There's a place for members of LGBTQ+ community at Thrive! 
Welcome to this space. 

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"I am the boss of my bladder, and no longer plan my day around the bathroom." 

C.M. Creston, BC

I want to thank you for being there for me this year and I look forward to all that the future is going to offer.  I am so thankful that I was able to reach out to you and you helped me through some tough times… 

J.B. Creston, BC

My uterine and rectal prolapse are decreasing!  I won't need surgery!

L.N. Calgary, AB

Learning hypopressive from Carmen has been life changing!

A.D.,  Alberta

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